Ethics of Social Media

Confidentiality:  I respect and honor client confidentiality.

Client Protection: As social media adviser I recognize the high level of trust inherent in my professional relationships.  Therefore, I will not take advantage of a client personally, sexually, or financially.

Accurate representation: I will accurately represent my expertise, qualifications, and experience.

Skills: I will assist my clients to the best of my ability.  I am always willing to learn new skills and update old ones to help my clients.

When I cannot serve a client: If I, for any reason, feel that I cannot serve a client, I will terminate the relationship, and make the appropriate referrals.

Knowledge of legal and accepted practices: I will stay well-informed of legal issues and adhere to accepted practices.

Personal Gain:  I will never seek loans or gifts from clients.  When I recommend any person, service, or vendor to a client, I will inform them of any personal or professional profits or gains I may receive as a result of making the             recommendation.

Conflicts of Interest: I strive to conduct myself so that the appearance of conflicts of interest does not arise.  However, should a conflict arise, I will attempt to resolve the conflict to the best interest of the  client.  In cases where the client’s best interest cannot be honored or I lose objectivity, I will end the professional relationship.

Non-discrimination: I will treat everyone as an equal. I will not judge someone else's personal, cultural or religious beliefs.

Respect for all Social Media professionals: I treat all social media professionals with respect, professional courtesy, and dignity in all spoken and written communications.



Barbara C. Lemaire

Social Media is a new tool in the marketing industry and it is wise to adhere to a standard of behavior to ensure a safe and profitable alliance with my clients.

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