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Kaatje van der Gaarden,
Primary Care Physician Assistant and Author

"Barbara recently demonstrated the uncanny ability to delve deeply into my soul and have my creativity and confidence soar. With just a few clearheaded words, she sort of turned on a light and gave me the insight I needed when I was severely stuck, inside the revision of my memoir. My writing jumped light years ahead, and I have no doubt that later this year, I will finally find an agent. Thank you, Barbara! "

Addendum:  The Queen of Ketamine: How Comedy & Ketamine Saved my Life

​November 11, 2014, Kaatje was a client of Barbara’s

I coach authors to succeed in the process of writing a book.

In collaboration with you and your individual work style, we decide on tactics and goals to move you forward in the process.   

Once your book is ready for publishing; I can advise you in the process of self-publishing or working with a publisher and marketing your finished product.

I train you in creating the tools you needed to publicize and market your work. This can include:

  • Creating your Social Media identity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, etc.

  • Designing a website for your books

  • Preparing for interviews with media

  • Advice on how to look and be your best on Video

  • Training on the use of Zoom, Skype, Facetime

  • Planning and execution of Virtual Book Tours

Author Marketing and Coaching

The hardest part of writing a book is staying on task.  As your author coach I assist you in reaching your goals and then help you market yourself and your book.

Coaching holds you accountable

Coaching gives you a partner in an other-wise lonely endeavor

Coaching gives you a second opinion

Coaching listens as you work things out

Coaching celebrates your wins

But I do so much more, I also guide you in the publishing and marketing of your book.

​Call me and let's talk about your dream of becoming an author.



Gale O'Brien,

​Certified Master Coach

"It’s my pleasure to write a recommendation for Barbara Lemaire. I’ve worked with her on and off for the past seven years. The first time I hired Barbara, she taught me how to use all the features of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to increase my connections and develop a following for my products. 
When I decided to write my autobiography, I chose Barbara to coach me through the process. She asks the right questions, especially the hard ones. We agreed on tasks and deadlines which moved me along in my writing. After I completed my book,  Transformation: Creating An Exceptional Life in the Face of Cancer, she worked with me to sharpen my interview skills and to become comfortable doing presentations and book signings. 
Barbara is a patient coach and expert in her field. I highly recommend her as a consultant to authors and entrepreneurs wanting to create an edge over their competition."