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Permission To Take Action

Formal consent; authorization
Breakdown goal into action steps
Acknowledge fear
Design opportunities to overcome fear
Offer consistent support, sounding-board, reality check
Celebrate achievement


      Existing in possibility; capable of development into actuality           

Evaluate what is to be accomplished
What skills are needed

Determination to act in a certain way; resolve

Define what success will look like
Specific and Measurable


The hardest part of writing a book is staying on task.  As your author coach I assist you in reaching your goals and then help you market yourself and your book.

Coaching holds you accountable

Coaching gives you a partner in an other-wise lonely endeavor

Coaching gives you a second opinion

Coaching listens as you work things out

Coaching celebrates your wins

But I do so much more, I also guide you in the publishing and marketing of your book.

​Call me and let's talk about your dream of becoming an author.

Barbara is a true professional who has compassion and integrity. She gives her all to her clients and is highly effective. My experience working with Barbara was one of my most rewarding experiences.

Trish Daly, RN, MPA, FACHE
Healthcare Operations Leader & Part-Time Faculty

The Coaching Sequence


In today's economic climate you are challenged to cope with fewer available resources;

yet still, need to produce.

More than ever before you need the unbiased sounding board that working with a coach provides.

I help you access your potential to take the actions you need to reach your goals.