Social networking brings lucrative relationship to Barrett Foundation

Apr 1, 2008, 2:48pm MDT Updated Apr 1, 2008, 2:49pm MDT

Megan KamerickNMBW Staff

Barbara Lemaire joined two years ago, but only recently began using it regularly. And that paid off pretty quickly, she found.

Lemaire is director of development for the Barrett Foundation in Albuquerque. She recently began a LinkedIn group called Non-Profit Organizations of New Mexico. That's how Deirdre Barrington of Billington Wines found her.

Billington, based in Virginia, makes Big Tattoo Wines and gives back 50 cents to charities for every bottle of wine sold in communities where their wines are distributed. The company recently entered the New Mexico market and chose Barrett Foundation as its beneficiary here. Big Tattoo is a partnership between brothers Erik and Alex Bartholomaus and the company raises charitable funds in honor of their late mother, Liliana S. Bartholomaus. In 2007, Big Tattoo surpassed $1 million in donations. The company has given to more than 70 charities in 33 states.

Barrett Foundation is a nonprofit that helps homeless women and children rebuild their lives. It provides emergency food and shelter, as well as case management, skills training and long-term life planning. It says it has given refuge to more than 12,000 women and children since opening in 1985.

"It pays for organizations to have a presence on the Internet, especially on the professional networking sites like," Lemaire said. 
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Randy Siner | NMBW

Barbara Lemaire What do you see being put online that makes you cringe?

Using a misleading YouTube or article title to get you to click a link just to find an advertisement.

Fake profiles that join a group to promote a product — they get the boot in my hosted groups.

Games on Facebook — please don’t invite me!

Posting 10 things in a row. My eyes glaze over. Sometimes you wind up with a double post — technology — it’s forgiven.

Political rants and flamers — for my own mental health I had to step back from the fray and not participate in the conversations — I can’t even read them. Ugh!

What do you expect will be the next big thing in social media? If I knew, I wouldn’t tell anyone until I could make it happen myself. I like the idea of the Google self-driving car and Google Glass (a computer that can be worn over the eye).

Does it bother you if people check their messages while talking to you in person? Only if it’s nonstop. When you own a business, you need to be responsive to clients. They expect you to have the technology to take care of business on the fly.

When Kim Kardashian sends me a rave review of some product via Twitter, should I really believe she has my interest at heart? I really never thought of it that way. She is a humanitarian after all. LOL — no!

Did you buy Facebook stock when the company went public? No, but I wish I still had my Amazon stock!

Marketing Five Questions with Barbara Lemaire CEO and chief strategist, Social Media Made Simple Premium content from New Mexico Business Weekly by Gary Gerew, Special to NMBW Date: Friday, September 28, 2012, 4:00am MDT 

Linked[In the News]: Week of April 4, 2008

We had a number of interesting LinkedIn hits this week in the news. Here’s a quick summary of five of the most recent articles found on LinkedIn:

When Barbara met Deirdre! Doing good on LinkedIn – New Mexico Business Daily

My personal favorite story this week came from Megan Kamerick of the New Mexico Business Weekly who wrote an article on how two LinkedIn customers ended up doing business together. Megan interviewed two LinkedIn users, Barbara Lemaire and Deirdre Billington for her piece. Barbara (who works for a non-profit that helps homeless women rebuild their lives) met Deirdre (Big Tattoo Wines in Virginia) through a LinkedIn Group called Non-Profit Organizations of New Mexico. A few quick conversations later, Big Tattoo ended up selecting Barrett Foundation as its beneficiary in New Mexico.

As Barbara says:

"It pays for organizations to have a presence on the Internet, especially on the professional networking sites like"




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