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Social Media Training for CEOs

Dear CEO - If you are not using Social Media yourself to promote your business; it is time for Social Media Training.

CEO considering Social Media Training
"68% of Fortune 500 CEO's do not have a social media presence."  But that number is changing according to Domo.com who sponsored the study.  

"While LinkedIn remains the most popular network for CEOs, most don't seem to be actively growing their network. ... there isn't a lot of middle ground. CEOs either open a LinkedIn account and abandon it, or else 
they put both feet in and utilize the social network's many advantages."

Please read on; Social Media is not a fad, it's not going away - it's GROWING - in a way that can only make your marketing people salivate and customers "Like" your products or services perhaps even LOVE them ...so much so that they write about it on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter.

But unless you, the CEO, is active Social Media, your marketing department is weighted down and can not soar off into the 

The Social Media has a gravitational pull - the more you travel within its space, the more information, clients and new ideas are attracted to your business.

Do you want to stifle that energy?

Don't you want that power yourself?

Find out how Social Media can help you and your organization grow. I can help you.without it taking over your time, I train you how to get it all done in 15 minutes a day or less. Become a leader in your company's and your industries Social