At a Strategic Networking event:

You won't stand up to introduce yourself to a room full of strangers.
No need to pluck up your courage to break into a conversation just to meet someone.
No need for a gimmick, corny introduction, or singing to get people's attention.
We Guarantee that you will meet everyone and walk away with all of their business cards.
You just wait for the bell and move on to meet your next contact.

How it works 

Order Lunch

While we await our order Attendees move from one contact to the next in a set pattern; each time the attendees have 3 minutes to share introductions and Business cards. 

Halfway through we have worked up an appetite and stop for Lunch, then on to networking to meet the rest of the 15 people in attendance

You will not be rushed out of the room at the end of the formal networking so you may continue with conversations that hold the possibility of profitable outcomes.

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Strategic Networking



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"Great event, I not only met potential clients I met two people
     I might hire!  A fun time, and well organized!"  

                            Susana Rinderle Consulting     

    "Strategic Networking is one of the best ways to network with new    people successfully. As an introvert I found it to be highly effective
    for me and my business. Barbara ran the meeting like an orchestra    conductor and everything ran smoothly. Kudos!"
                               Debbie Dapson - Copper Moon Media