Why I train businesses how to use Social Media Marketing is because:

  • It take too much time and energy to learn by yourself. 
  • I like to help businesses achieve their goals.  
  • I enjoy their wonder and excitement as they learn how it all works. 

Why , How and What We Do

Just in case you are wondering... social networking is creating relationships one-on-one; just like your grandparents did with their butcher, grocer and mechanic.  Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest , YouTube and Twitter once again allow you to create relationships with your customers so they can get to know, like, and trust you and your business.  

Social networking consists of blogs, posting on social networking sites, micro-blogs (twitter), social search, videos, mobile marketing, and bookmarking. and more - you do not need to do it all, but you need a professional presence.

Make no mistake, Social Networking is now an important aspect of marketing and active participation will augment and amplify your traditional marketing efforts.  

In Social Media and Social Networking most of the interesting stuff is hidden behind a login and a password. Marketing has quickly co-opted the social networks, yet many businesses still consider Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn to be a waste of time.    

Believe me the research says differently!    
Watch This (About 3 minutes but worth it!)   

I hired Barbara to assist me in expanding the online presence of my company. Barbara taught me how to use all of the features of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to increase my connections and develop a following for my products. Barbara is a patient web trainer and expert in her field. I highly recommend Barbara as a consultant to entrepreneurs wanting to create edge over their competition.

Gale O'Brien
Author, Speaker, Life Coach, and
Wellness Advocate

“Barbara has helped me focus my previously scattered marketing efforts. She is tremendously knowledgeab le in all areas of marketing including planning, PR, and social networking. She uses her lifetime of experience in the business field to look at each person's needs and targets her advice to the particular situation. In addition, she is wonderful to work with: personable, upbeat, and flexible.”
                                               Nina Forrest                                     Nina Forrest Jewelry                         

Social Media Marketing Relies on Trust 

 A strong aspect of the psychology of social networking is that you can make real connections online. Especially when you take time to join in a group discussion on LinkedIn or a add your two cents to a Facebook thread. There is an interesting phenomenon that takes place when you regularly ‘see’ someone, whether it is on TV, in magazines or on you favorite Social Networking site. You begin to feel as if you know them. This familiarity works in your favor to build a relationship and perhaps do business together.

“I have known Barbara almost ten years. She has a creative mind and is very gifted in communicating complex ideas. She has a remarkable understanding of social media marketing and how it can be used to grow  businesses on a very tight budget”           
                                                                                                                     Joan Alleckson 

                                 Director of Marketing
                    Cost Segregation Services, Inc.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
                                       Leonardo da Vinci

​​​Tired of tech-geeks who know nothing about marketing, 
attempt to show you how to use Social Media to market your business? 

Sorry, not a good fit ... It’s like asking a legal secretary to be your trial lawyer – they know how to

type-up your case, but have no idea how to take it to court.
It is not enough to learn how to use Social Media - you need to 
know how to leverage it to market your business.  My 20+ years in Sales & Marketing and my 8+ years of studying and using social media, allow me to train you in the mechanics and psychology of social media and traditional marketing. 
I tell you why I am asking you to do something not just assume you know.

I offer the best strategy & tactics to make it work for your business.

I coach you on techniques & style. 

I give you the tools to make it fun & less time-consuming.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners run into three big frustrations when first thinking about using Social Networking/Marketing to build their business:   

1) It is complicated!
2) It takes too much time – time needed for running the business.    

3) It is intimidating, too many options – and everyone seems to be using a foreign language.   

The result: Confusion, frustration and feeling "out of the loop & out of control."   

So no follow-through - thus missing out on the benefits of Social Media Marketing for your business!  

Social Media Made Simple eliminates the confusion by beginning 
process where you are.  

I use everyday English instead of technical jargon, and I get you up and running within the first few hours.    

Once your Social Networking profiles are in place and complete, I begin working on your social media skills. 

How, where and what to post.   
How and when to respond or comment on others posts.   
How to friend, connect and follow.   

Between sessions, we keep in touch by email and phone, to ensure you continue to get results. 

Before you know it you will feel comfortable using the big Five Social Networking Tools:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube to build you business.      

I show you how and why you Make Money by participating 15minutes each day using Social Media in your business marketing plan.  

By participating in Social Networking - inbound marketing; you help your business "get found" by people already looking for your products and services. Social Media Made Simple (SMMS) is a process that lets you exploit the power of the Internet in 15 minutes a day!  Because you have a business to run!

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What we do

Social Media Made Simple
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